Erotic Art


PD's The Carnivore Café

"Shhhhhhh… This is a dangerous site for a girl like me… I'll take a look inside if you promise to protect me from the monsters inside… Hold on tight to me… The Carnivore Café offers the best of vore with a combination of hand drawn artwork and brilliant manipulated real life pictures. These hot ladies are served up for lunch with an erotic flair. shivers with a soft whimper… These erotic art galleries are packed with sexy women sliding down the throat of snakes and other hungry creatures. These damsels in distress are the tasty meals of these dark beasts.

Dressed in her cheerleading outfit, this hottie gets an invitation to dinner. She has no idea that she is what's on menu. By the end of the evening, the cute girl finds her body sliding down the throat of a man's snake. This vore art is varied in styles adding a nice texture to this site. These giant snakes are enjoying a diet of sexy girls like me. Oh… I see that look in your eyes… Th-there's more to see… Let's move on… This huge site offers more than erotic art galleries. There are a lot of comics to be enjoyed. In Feedback Live, two very sexy ladies are surprised to find that the feedback comes in being swallowed by the frog host. Room 216 is the last room a secretary wants to be sent to. This hot girl was told to go to this room not knowing the truth of what was to happen to her. In this shadowy room, she waits nervously wondering why she'd been called to that room. She doesn't know she's been chosen to test a new weapon in the government's arsenal. Silently the giant snake attacks her from behind. Oh my… She is slowly devoured as the men look on. This weapon is sure to make the perfect assassin. I hope the snake doesn't see me…

These comics and more await you at this huge site. From erotic art galleries to comics to stories, this site is the hottest vore around. Girls are being eaten by people and beasts… I hope you've enjoyed this little peek at what this website has in it… I-I think its time for me to go… Thanks for joining me here… I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


It's All Coming Together!

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